STASI and Securitate

My intention is to collect from now on and share on my blog every interesting article, book or other aspects which concern Romania. It will actually be everything I will discover while I am in Germany or anywhere else in the world. Of course, I will speak about subjective experiences and thoughts which tend to obsess me as well. That’s life sometimes.

Today I opened the newspaper “Die Welt” and I found an article about the relations between STASI and Securitate.

This is the on-line version and a chronicle of the book writen by Georg Herbstritt-„Entzweite Freunde. Rumänien, die Securitate und die DDR-Staatssicherheit 1950 bis 1989“ (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht 2016. 582 S., 40 Euro). The article includes a short description of the relations between the two countries, mainly regarding the internal espionage services, starting from the end of the World War II until the era Ceauşescu, respectively Honecker.

How a Rift between STASI and Securitate was determined

There are mentioned  important writers coming from Romania, such as Herta Müller, Richard Wagner und Helmuth Frauendorfer, who mainly lived in West Berlin.

Concerning the layout and the content, I found interesting the place of the chronicle and the fact that the on-line article and the paper one have different titles, but both suggestive.


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